Florida Lesson Plans:
The Fertile Crescent

The following lesson plans are aligned with Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (2008). There are links to printable versions of the lesson at the bottom of the page.

Lesson Title:
The Fertile Crescent

The student will understand that the Fertile Crescent was the home of many early civilizations because the region possessed abundant natural resources.

Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: SS.6.G.3.1 Explain how the physical landscape has affected the development of agriculture and industry in the ancient world.

  Analyze the impact of human populations on the ancient world's ecosystems.

Use timelines to identify chronological order of historical events.

Identify terms (decade, century, epoch, era, millennium, BC/BCE, AD/CE) and designations of time periods.

  Compare the lifestyles of hunter-gatherers with those of settlers of early agricultural communities.

  Identify the characteristics of civilization.

  Compare the economic, political, social, and religious institutions of ancient river civilizations.

  Summarize the important achievements of Mesopotamian civilization.

  Determine the impact of key figures from ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.

  Analyze the relationship of physical geography to the development of ancient river valley civilizations.

  Explain the concept of cultural diffusion, and identify the influences of different ancient cultures on one another.  

  Compare maps of the world in ancient times with current political maps.

  Describe how history transmits culture and heritage and provides models of human character.
  • Identify the Fertile Crescent on Google Earth and show demonstrate how the modern satellite image indicates that the region is wetter than the lands surrounding it.
  • Identify the nations that comprise the Fertile Crescent on a political map of the region.
  • Complete Mesopotamia assignment on the Fertile Crescent
  • You Tube Video:  the Fertile Crescent (0:59) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP8S2DlBMY4 (not a strong video, but it is very short and identifies the region)
  • Mesopotamia assignment 1
  • Google Earth
  • Political Map of Region
  • You Tube
HOMEWORK:  Mesopotamia assignment on Civilization


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