Time and Space A Look At The Stars Aristotle's Conclusion Copernicus and the Heliocentric Universe Galileo's Discovery Longitude and Latitude The Fourth Dimension Seasons Time Zones Daylight Saving Time Measuring Time Calendars and Years Map Projections The Six Essential Elements of Geography Prehistory A Long Time Ago Millions and Billions and More (Oh My!) Ancient Technology Theories Charles Darwin Archaeology: The Science of History Lucy Evolution Neanderthals
Mesopotamia The Fertile Crescent Civilization Abraham Maslow and the Hierachy of Needs Numbering Years Waterfront Living The Sumerians Writing Gilgamesh The Code of Hammurabi The Assyrians The Hebrews Ancient Egypt The Gift of the Nile Isis, Osiris and the Egyptian Afterlife The Egyptian Pyramids The Pharaoh Mummies Alexandria The Rosetta Stone Cleopatra Egypt After the Pharaohs
African History A Great Oral Tradition The Nok The Phoenicians and Carthage Trade in Ancient West Africa Ancient Ghana Sundiata Mansa Musa Timbuktu Aksum The Zimbabwe Ruins Prince Henry the Navagator Maafa, Colonialism and Imperialism The African Missionaries Liberia The Boers Apartheid Nelson Mandela India and the Himalayas Subcontinent Monsoons Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro The Aryans and gthe Vedic Age The Caste System Hinduism Buddhism Ashoka and the Mauryan Empire Muslims in India The Europeans in India Gandhi The Subcontinent Since Independence
Chinese History Dynasty Confucius The Legalists Taoism The Great Wall of China Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan The Silk Road Marco Polo America Before Columbus The First Americans The New World The Olmecs Teotihuacan The Maya Rediscovering the Maya The Aztecs The Incas Life in the Inca World The Fall of the Incas
Ancient Greece The Cradle of Western Civilization The Greek Poli Greek Mythology The Early Greeks The Iliad and the Odyssey The Greco-Persian Wars Sparta Athenian Democracy The Peloponnesian War Socrates and Greek Philosophy Plato Aristotle Alexander the Great and Hellenism Ancient Rome A New Power Rises Patricians and Plebeians The Punic Wars Spartacus and the Slave Revolt Julius Caesar Caesar, Cleopatra, and Marc Antony Caesar Augustus The Roman Empire After Augustus Roman Technology Latin and Other European Languages Constantine and the Fall of Rome The Birth of Christianity
The Middle Ages Between Ancient and Modern Feudalism Primogeniture Christendom The Huns The Barbarians The Byzantine Empire The Moors Charlemagne and the Franks The Vikings The Magna Carta The Normans The Black Death The Renaissance The Dawn of a New Age Humanism Johann Gutenberg City-States in Italy The Medici Social Classes Renaissance Art The Renaissance Spreads Niccolo Machiavelli Europeans Explore the World Ferdinand Magellan
The World Wars A Terrifying Legacy A Powder Keg in Europe Alliances Lead to World War I The Conflict Widens into World War I The Great War A Separate Peace New Opportunities for African Americans America Enters the Great War The Doughboys Allied Victory in World War I Social Darwinism The Rise of Hitler The Holocaust Germany Attempts to Dominate Europe The Empire of the Rising Sun America Responds The Manhattan Project Hiroshima and Nagasaki Postwar Western Religions Understanding Others Judaism Christianity Islam
The Middle East and North Africa Many Things in Common The Arabs Deserts Bedouins Oil The Dead Sea The Suez Canal The Aswan Dam September 11, 2001 The Ottoman Empire The Armenian Massacres Ataturk and Turkey The Kurds Nasser and Arab Unity Shariah Law The Iranian Revolution Saddam Hussein and Iraq The War on Terror Israel Afghanistan Americanization The Caribbean The Caribbean: A New World The Caribbean Islands The Indentured Servants Slavery in the Caribbean The Caribbean Pirates Santeria and Voodoo The Rastafarians Cuba Gains Independence Fidel Castro The Elián González Affair Haiti
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